Tuesday , April 16 2024
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Clark County May End Ban on Recreational Marijuana


Clark County in southern Washington is close to lifting its ban on recreational marijuana businesses. Within Clark County are several unincorporated areas that recreational marijuana establishments are currently illegal. The County Councilors will vote to determine whether to lift the ban.

When the county voted to place a moratorium on recreational marijuana businesses, a clause was included that it could be lifted when marijuana is delisted federally, according to OPB. Due to changes within the council, considerations to lift the ban are now being entertained.

County Councilor Temple Lentz said, “For the folks who want to partake, it makes it easier. It’s regulated, it’s taxable, and it just seems to make sense.”

If the councilors vote to lift the moratorium, the unincorporated portions of Clark County could be awarded three more recreational marijuana store licenses. There are already three licensed businesses, but due to the moratorium they have not opened. Once the ban is lifted, those existing licensees would be able to open their doors.

The vote is expected soon.