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Washington Regulators Say CBD Not Yet Legal in Foods and Drinks

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The Washington Department of Agriculture has finally clarified its stance on CBD in food and beverages: it’s not allowed. Only marijuana is regulated under Washington state law, CBD is not. The agency says it’s never been legal to sell food items containing CBD since it’s not considered a “food ingredient.”

Store owners must start pulling CBD-infused foods from their shelves, KUOW Public Radio reported. The state is hoping that retailers will remove the items without further enforcement being necessary. Even though hemp is legal, CBD in food and beverages has not been given the green light by the FDA.

Steve Fuller of the Department of Agriculture said, “All the vitamin shops and grocery stores and even CBD shops, they’re not allowed to sell food products that contain CBD as an ingredient. Fully acknowledging that the cat’s out of the bag and that those products are on the shelves already. What we’re hoping to do is let folks know that’s not in compliance with the law and that many of them [are] either removing CBD as an ingredient or discontinuing distribution of the product.”

CBD lotions are allowed to be sold. CBD edibles can still be purchased from medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. Products sold at dispensaries are regulated differently than what’s sold at a local coffee shop or grocery store.