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Changes Coming to Washington’s Marijuana Rules

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A few things are changing as far as rules are concerned in Washington’s marijuana industry. Previously, a marijuana business licensee’s spouse had to undergo background vetting. That will no longer take place.

Coming in January, 2021, all labels and packaging of marijuana products must be compliant, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board says. All labels must be approved. Any labels that have not been reviewed and approved must be submitted for review as soon as possible.

Prior label approvals may not be upheld as there have been a few changes to label compliance. All products sold must have compliant packaging and labels to prevent penalties. Labels for edibles may not include unsubstantiated claims of cures/treatment or depict images that are appealing to minors.

The state is also reminding medical marijuana endorsed dispensaries to ensure that they are compliant. A certified medical marijuana consultant must be on staff to maintain this endorsement.

Marijuana businesses, customers and medical marijuana patients are also reminded that there will be a reorganization of the agency. This may cause the agency to experience slight delays.

COVID practices for marijuana businesses will start to go back to pre-COVID rules as counties receive Phase 4 status.