Saturday , August 8 2020
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Yakima County Shutting Down Certain Marijuana Businesses


It’s reported that about 20 recreational marijuana businesses are operating where they shouldn’t be – in unincorporated areas in Yakima County. Their businesses had to be closed by March 1. Any businesses that resisted closing would have warrants issued to be shut down by force.

The Yakima County Civil Division was in the process of drawing up warrants on March 1, according to a statement made to the Yakima Herald by the head of the agency, Don Anderson. Recreational marijuana was legalized in 2012 in Washington State, but it wasn’t until 2014 when Yakima County approved the ban of marijuana businesses operating in unincorporated people. The commissioners said it was the “will of the people”.

Some businesses were operating in the medical marijuana sector only – which were okay at the time. Then, in 2016, the medicinal and recreational markets were blended together – which brought trouble for some of the businesses that could be there.

A few of the businesses, like one cultivator and processor’s business called Sticky Budz, are appealing the decision by the County Commissioners. It seems that medical marijuana businesses would be safe, but recreational establishments aren’t wanted.