Thursday , June 17 2021
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Female Executives in WA’s Marijuana Industry Are Making Big Impact

Women are entering into leadership roles in the marijuana industry more and more across the country. Some of Washington’s female executives are making a big impact in the state’s industry.

It is estimated that about 26.9% of executives in the national marijuana industry are women, the Seattle Times reports. The industry continues to grow in Washington. Women have a unique opportunity to create companies and leadership roles of their own.

Diana Isaiou has branded the marijuana edibles company American Baked Co. She taught herself how to infuse marijuana into food when her mother was ill with cancer. She does have classic training in culinary arts.

Diana works hard and multitasks since her business is small.

Bethany Rondeau started Falcanna. She started as a personal cultivator of medical marijuana in 2009. She and her husband entered the marijuana delivery space in 2012. They were able to expand to be able to open a storefront in 2013. In 2015, their success led them to be able to open as an I-502 recreational marijuana producer.

Falcanna distributes marijuana across the state of Washington. It has built a team of expert growers, brand ambassadors and processors. Rondeau looks forward to increasing production and opening a seed vault in the coming months.

Jamie Hoffman founded Craft Elixirs in 2013. The company focuses on small-batch production to maintain its high quality standards. Small batches also help maintain consistency in their products.

Her focus is to be a strong leader and prove that women are just as capable as men to lead this growing industry. Many of her employees are cross-trained since the staff is rather small. By cross-training her employees, each one is able to find the right fit at the company.

Each of these women continues to expand their businesses. While they may have to wear several hats, they believe that working hard and showing the team that they are willing to work all positions themselves is what builds a team that lasts and thrives in the industry.