Sunday , September 26 2021
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Bellingham Brothers Design Diamond Edge Dry Trimmers


Brian and Jesse Burnett of Creative Harvest Solutions, based in Whatcom County, have developed a new product called the Diamond Edge Dry Trimmer. It works to remove the buds from marijuana plants at rates averaging 4-7 minutes per pound. The tool makes roughly 1,700 cuts-per-minute.

This new tool could cut harvesting times by hours and could reduce labor expenses for cultivators, the Bellingham Herald reports. Their machines are being rented locally. They can also be purchased online.

The brothers hope to employ locals to manufacture more of the Diamond Edge Dry Trimmers. The Burnetts have backgrounds in machine work and metal fabrication. The product was initially designed to assist a friend in their cultivation operation.

Brian Burnett said, The business is still in that early stage, but we’re excited about it. I would love to be worldwide and hire 50 people to make harvesting equipment in Whatcom County.”