Thursday , June 17 2021
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Accurately Testing for a Marijuana DUI Is Virtually Impossible

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There’s not much for scientific evidence when it comes to accuracy to detect stoned drivers. Officers mainly use physiological tests to determine if someone is sober or not. Officers check some vital signs like blood pressure and pulse to check for influxes. They also look for eyelid tremors.

If officers still think someone is too high to be driving, they request a THC blood test, Vice reports.  Labs are generally looking for active THC, the un-metabolized amount still left in the blood. In Washington State, a test of 5-nanograms per milliliter or more constitutes impairment and results in a DUI charge.

Now, onto Greg’s test. His results showed 22-nanograms per milliliter. He’s a regular marijuana user, with an average daily consumption of a joint. When Greg said he was “completely functional”, it’s an honest statement.

Science hasn’t provided a 100% accurate test for THC impairment since everyone is affected differently. Some have higher tolerances than others. That being said, universalizing intoxication levels in terms of marijuana, it doesn’t make much sense. Some are questioning the constitutionality of the DUI laws regarding marijuana.

Host Krishna Andavolu said, “There’s decades of data establishing the connection between the presence of alcohol and how it impairs drivers. For pot, that data is simply not there.”