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Washington Chef Is Turning Marijuana Edibles into Gourmet Products

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Most people recognize marijuana edibles as being baked goods or candy. One Washington chef is taking edible marijuana to the next level by “adulting” them as elegant and refined.

Every meal of the day, including cocktails, can include marijuana, reports The Spokesman-Review. Stephanie Lamb makes dishes like stuffed pea and prosciutto ravioli that are infused with marijuana. Including just the right dose of THC in a dish heightens the overall experience.

Lamb said, “It doesn’t have to be just brownies. It doesn’t even have to be sweet. You could infuse your morning coffee milk, if you were so inclined.”

When it comes to marijuana infused meals, Lamb says, “Don’t eat it fast.”

In terms of marijuana type, Lamb said, “It’s kind of a common thing to say that sativa is day and indica is night. But it depends on the strain, really. It also really depends on the person. It’s very specific to your metabolism.”

Chef Lamb pays close attention to dosage and time of day. All of her edibles at home are micro-dosed. When she makes her raviolis, each one only contains 1 milligram of THC. A serving of 10 raviolis is a single dose of marijuana since 10mg is considered to be a single dose.

The chef also said, “A lot of people have had a very bad first edible experience.”

Lamb is a medical marijuana patient herself. She said, “My spine is fused weird. I have constant lower back pain. It’s not fun.”

For first timers, Lamb said, “You could totally do weed roast chicken. And, if you’re new to savory edibles, soups are easy”.

Her most common method for including marijuana in her dishes is infused olive oil.

Edibles don’t have to be sugary and unhealthy. Any food, literally speaking, can be infused with marijuana.

Chef Lamb said, “It’s not just about getting high. If I’m going to put something in my mouth, I want it to taste good. I want it to be worth the calories.”