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OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce

OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce Marijuana

The Best Microbial Tea for Your Cultivation Needs: OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce

In the old days when the “old growers” in Northern California invented organic and biodynamic gardening techniques, they would mix a bucket of compost and worm castings with some water to use as a fertilizer. Stirring was pretty hard work so they put an aquarium pump with an air stone into the bucket. The first thing they saw was this big head of foam like dirty soap bubbles or a glass of warm beer. They didn’t know what they had, but they could tell that it was alive.

It didn’t smell bad. It smelled like good dirt. So they let it keep brewing over night. When they came back the next day there was an even bigger head of foam on top. It still smelled good, so they poured it out on some plants in the garden next door. This is how the first compost tea was discovered in Sonoma County.

With more time and more experiments, the “old growers” developed modern, microbial tea. The search continues for the best food and medicine possible. Please feel free to experiment yourself and share your testimonial with everybody at

When you first add clean water to the Veganic Special Sauce™ all of the alive, yet dormant bacteria and fungi start actively growing. All of the necessary nutrients are available with just the right kind of nutrients at the right concentration. You can pour the solution directly on the soil around your plants or drop an air stone in it for an overnight brew. Filter it and put in a pump up sprayer for a foliar feed. Or dump it in your hydro reservoir. It is gentle enough for young plants, yet powerful enough to create an amazing effect all the way into flowering.